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Basics of Accounting Are Vital to Survival for Entrepreneurs
Few people start a business because they are good with numbers. In fact, the terms “accounting” and “financial analysis” tend to put business owners to sleep or send them screaming from the room. But to run a business effectively, most owners need to have some understanding of their finances. Read more... 

Top 10 Reasons Small Businesses Fail (note - I can provide assistance in overcoming 6 of the 10.)
One of the least understood aspects of entrepreneurship is why small businesses fail, and there’s a simple reason for the confusion: Most of the evidence comes from the entrepreneurs themselves.... Read more

Five Money Management Rules for Young Small Businesses
One: Know your minimum cost of living:

If you are new in managing your small business, this tip is extremely important within the first couple of years. Read more...

Businesses Can't Afford to Neglect Customer Service on Facebook

Your business's Facebook Page is every bit as important as a face-to-face encounter with a customer. But some well-known retailers fail to provide adequate customer service online. Read more....